Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Woodland Theme Nursery

     When I found out I was having a baby I was so excited. I knew that I wanted to design a nursery that was gender neutral. I started the room before I knew if I was having a boy or girl. It didn't matter anyway , because I was going to design the room to work for a boy and a girl. We were going to turn our spare room into our little ones bedroom. My husband and I both agreed on a very soft green color that was called pear tree. The paint we used was a voc free paint from Home Depot. We wanted a room that was as eco-friendly and safe for the baby as possible.  My husband spent a few weekends painting and putting down the wood floors in the babies room. He really put so much time and love into his new babies room and he was so proud of the job he had done and so was I. I am really into the woodland theme right now, so we chose to decorate with owls, deers and gnomes.

  There were a few things we purchased and there were a lot of things that were handmade by me. I am going to go through each corner of the room. We purchased the crib and dresser at a local children's furniture store. We loved the dark wood and that it was convertible for later use. The bedding I purchased from amazon. It is a simple organic bedding set with a deer print in green and brown. Thought it was very calming and matched rooms theme. We also purchased an organic cotton mattress from naturepedic. It is probably the best thing we purchased. I think it is important for my baby to sleep on an organic mattress because he will be spending most of his young life sleeping.
     First the owl mobile. I got the idea for somewhere on etsy. I loved how cute the baby owls looked made in felt. The only thing I added that was different was the branches from outside to hang it.
(Little D does love looking up at it and I have to say it did turn out pretty good)
I purchased the gnome growth chart on this wall from a online store called Nova Natural. I absolutely love all their stuff and this growth chart was no exception. I had to order it right away.http://www.novanatural.com/

Also in this corner I have included a bamboo mushroom stool, which my mother ordered from another online store magic cabin.http://www.magiccabin.com/ and the little rocking horse I picked up at a yard sale for $1.00. Yes, that's right $1.00

In the first section of the room I added a toy shelf. It doesn't have much, but I don't believe that children need a lot of toys anyway. I love the simplicity of it and later on I will add more baskets to put more things from nature. For now there are 4 baskets, one basket has playsilks in it, the 2nd has 2 crochet balls that were made by me as well as 2 fabric blocks and an felt owl rattle, the 3rd basket has shells and pinecones and the 4th basket has a wooden rattle and a wooden teething deer I ordered from etsy. On the bottom shelf is a wooden train my mom picked up as well as a little pull elephant.

We purchased the rocking chair at a local unfinished wood furniture store. This rocking chair was on clearance because it had a slight problem with the bottom. It was nothing my husband couldn't fix, so we got it for $75.00. I made the crocheted blanket that sits at the back of rocking chair. I got the pattern from an old crochet book I had.

This little baby gnome I made up real quick. Thought he would be a cute addition to the room. I found the pattern for him some where on the internet.
I also painted and added the stickers to these name letters, which hang above the crib. I love these stickers they are the Martha Stewart line and I thought they fit the room perfectly

Just above his dresser we hung these alphabet woodland theme letters. I got them off of this seller on etsy. http://www.inktreepress.etsy.com/
I also have a tall book shelf in another corner for all of his books. I am obsessed with children's books. I only have some out; there are more in the closet for when he gets older. I made the stuffed lamb and bunny that are sitting at the top of book shelf. The ceramic mushrooms I got at Pier One and the ceramic owl came from etsy. Got to love etsy. They have everything.

Well there you go, a little tour of our babies room. He isn't sleeping in here yet, but does love to listen to stories here and spend time staring at his mobile.

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  1. I love the letters! I can't seem to find the woodland stickers from Martha Stewart. Do you remember where you purchased them?