Friday, April 22, 2011

Hippity Hoppity Easters on it's way....

     I know cheesy title, but I am so excited for babies first Easter on Sunday. I love all the craftiness that is involved with the Easter holiday, just Spring in general.  I have had a busy day trying to get some last minute things done for Easter on Sunday.  In between baby sleeping, eating and fussing (he's going through a 6 week growth spurt) I have dyed eggs with natural food dyes, made Italian Easter bread, made Spring sugar cookies, made a homemade card for baby and sewed a little bunny hat for him as well.  It was a busy day......

(Simple Easter card for my little one)

(Eggs soaking in homemade dyes using blueberries, raspberries and turmeric)

(The finished product. Not as dark as traditional dye but a safer and more fun option and equally pretty)

(Italian Easter Bread)

(Spring Easter cookies)

(Cute little Easter hand towel my mom picked up for me at Pier 1)

(Homemade Easter garland)

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