Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Nature Table

         I have looked forward to starting a natural table since I found out I was pregnant.  I was so excited to have a baby being born in the late winter/early spring.  I knew I would be starting my nature table for the springtime, a time a renewal and birth. I love the springtime, eventhough I live in Florida and there really isn't a change of season. Every year I  will add something new to the nature table and I will change it for the different seasons. I really like the way my nature table looks so far.
        I have included 2 small stuffed bunnies that were made using a pattern from the Living Crafts magazine that I had picked up a few years ago. I had been looking forward to making this for sometime. I have actually made this bunny in a larger size for little guys Easter basket.(you will see that later on this week). I also added a little birds nest that I have crocheted and put a little chicky in the nest. The chicky I picked up from an etsy seller. He is made out of wool,super tiny and very cute.  There are also two small wool felt mushrooms that I had made for babies room, so I put them on nature table for now.  They are all resting on a green playsilk.

         I also knit the little yellow duck. He is made out of a small knit square and a larger knit square. I like the way he came out. The wooden egg and base are from another seller on etsy. The small basket is for the small seasonal books. The book in the basket is called Spring and it is by Gerda  Muller and has really great illustrations.  I found the little saying from another blog. I cant remember where, but I thought it was a nice saying for the Spring so I wanted to include it.

Well there you have it my little guys first Spring nature table.

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