Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Food Revolution

    Did you see Jamie Olivers Food Revolution last night. Eye opening. I am disguisted by the food that they these school systems are feeding our children. It is so true what he said about how much we nuture our children from the time they are newborns, only to put them into a school system that feeds them un-nutrious crap. I understand they are trying to cut costs and it is hard for families that have little to no income, but there has to be a way to make the food healthy and still keep it reasonably priced. I don't know. I would just prefer my child eat real, whole foods. I guess when my boy gets to school I will be packing his lunch. It really is a shame.


  1. oh, I hear you, sister...
    and around here, there is even talk of banning PACKED lunches....can you imagine??????
    I am assuming it is because of allergies, etc., but really, can you imagine????????????

  2. That would be horrible, but it probably is because of all the allergies. I cant imagine. By the way I am loving your blog. It is very inspiring. I would love to get certified to teach Waldorf education to little ones, but not much opportunities where I live.