Saturday, December 31, 2011

Patience and Saturday Random thoughts....

Oh boy does being a mother take patience. A lot of patience, especially when your baby is not a good sleeper. I think in the past nine months I have had only a week of 7 hour stretch sleeping. I am really starting to feel it. My son is quite the party animal and finds it best to wake up 2 or 3 times a night. Some nights I can get him to go back to sleep rather easily with a little bottle (which I know I should probably not be doing, but he seems to need it) and other nights he just will not go back to sleep. Last night he was up a half hour after going down, 3 hours later, at 3 am and then again up for the day at 5:30 am.  I have to remember to be patient when all I want to do is sleep. Ah, being a parent..... but then when you see that little smiling face looking up at you,you forget how tired you are and remember how much you love this special little person.

Random thoughts

2012 already, really !!!!!
Let the resolution list begin
This years resolutions, quality family time, living a more concious , meaningful life, focus on one thing and stick to it, save money, get back into shape and start taking dance classes again, simplicity...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The magic of the holiday....

I was so excited for Darwin to be celebrating his first Christmas at 9.5 months old. He probably will have no recollection of the day, or how special it was for us to see him play with the wagon his daddy made for him, but it was so special for us. I look foward to the Christmas's he will remember and how special and magical they will be. We had a pretty quiet holiday spent at home with family. We woke up early to opening our gifts. I let me little man take hid time and open his gifts. He really loved his walker wagon and homemade blocks and spent quite awhile playing with them. He also liked his rainbow felt ball, rocking chair and table and chairs.  We went to visiting some of our neighors who were alone for the holidays and then had dinner with family. I received two new books Stitched Whimsy by Heidi Boyd and Playful Learning by Mariah Buehl. I cant wait to sit down and read them when I hve a minute. For my hubby I got him some things for his etsy business. He builds cigar box guitars and amps. I think he was happy with his gifts.

(Ball from etsy seller the indigo forest)
So cute and well made.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Opening his first gift...

I recieved a package in the mail today from my best friend. It was for my little man. I was going to wait until Christmas, but figured it would be so crazy and I let him open it early. It was a dump truck from green toys. It is made out of recycled plastic bottles and is BPA free. He really seemed to enjoy it driving it around the living room and we put some fabric blocks in the back that he kept dumping out. He of course loved all the packaging and boxes. I had to snap a few quick shots of him. They are a little dark, but still had to capture the moment.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

9 Months Old Today....

Are you really! I can't believe it. I seems unreal that you were just a tiny helpless newborn and now you are starting to become an independent mobile infant.  You are all over the house and into everything. I dont mind though because I know that is how you are learning. You are taking in the world around you and it is so impressive to watch those little wheels turning in your head.

You are getting better at sleeping, but still havent slept through the night/ you can take the outlet covers out of the outlets/you can turn on your daddy's dvd player/ you can crawl all around the house on your belly/ you are pulling yourself to stand on every piece of furninture imaginable/ you still love dogs and go crazy when you see one/ you are celebrating your first Christmas this month/you can crawl on all fours now/you like to try to find yourself with the spoon/you are fascintated with the Christmas tree/you like to skype with grandma and grandpa/you like banging on the computer keyboard/you enjoy books/you like to open and shut doors with your feet/you get so excited when you see a dog/you said da/you like to come in the bed with mommy and daddy in the morning/you laugh a lot/you wave to everyone/you are not scared to go to people you dont know/u you love to be naked/daddy makes you laugh like crazy/you liked Santa Claus/you know how to pull the drain out of the tub when you are finished with your bath/you tried to paint with homemade finger paints/i love when you are sleeping in my arms/you are so inquisitve/you are like a wise old soul/you hair is two colors auburn and golden/you have such a little mouth/you still have clogged tear ducts/you like to dance/you try to play the drum/ you love music/when mommy wears her costume you are mesmorized/

We love you little Darwin Storm. You are my favorite little man, besides your daddy of course..

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

First art activity

My little man turns 9 months tomorrow. Very exciting. Today I decided to try out an art activity with him.
I got together some supplies. A cookie sheet, homemade water color paint/paste and his art smock and together we sat on the floor. I watched him, as at first he was hesitant to touch the paint. Then he banged the pan, until finally he put both his hands on to the pan and rubbed the paint around. Then he jumped face first into the paint, until he was finally eating the pan and paint off his hands. I love watching him as he discovers new things.

To make the paint I just mix flour and water until it was a good consitency and then added a defrosted raspberry puree cube so that it was ok for him to put it in his mouth.