Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The magic of the holiday....

I was so excited for Darwin to be celebrating his first Christmas at 9.5 months old. He probably will have no recollection of the day, or how special it was for us to see him play with the wagon his daddy made for him, but it was so special for us. I look foward to the Christmas's he will remember and how special and magical they will be. We had a pretty quiet holiday spent at home with family. We woke up early to opening our gifts. I let me little man take hid time and open his gifts. He really loved his walker wagon and homemade blocks and spent quite awhile playing with them. He also liked his rainbow felt ball, rocking chair and table and chairs.  We went to visiting some of our neighors who were alone for the holidays and then had dinner with family. I received two new books Stitched Whimsy by Heidi Boyd and Playful Learning by Mariah Buehl. I cant wait to sit down and read them when I hve a minute. For my hubby I got him some things for his etsy business. He builds cigar box guitars and amps. I think he was happy with his gifts.

(Ball from etsy seller the indigo forest)
So cute and well made.

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