Thursday, December 8, 2011

9 Months Old Today....

Are you really! I can't believe it. I seems unreal that you were just a tiny helpless newborn and now you are starting to become an independent mobile infant.  You are all over the house and into everything. I dont mind though because I know that is how you are learning. You are taking in the world around you and it is so impressive to watch those little wheels turning in your head.

You are getting better at sleeping, but still havent slept through the night/ you can take the outlet covers out of the outlets/you can turn on your daddy's dvd player/ you can crawl all around the house on your belly/ you are pulling yourself to stand on every piece of furninture imaginable/ you still love dogs and go crazy when you see one/ you are celebrating your first Christmas this month/you can crawl on all fours now/you like to try to find yourself with the spoon/you are fascintated with the Christmas tree/you like to skype with grandma and grandpa/you like banging on the computer keyboard/you enjoy books/you like to open and shut doors with your feet/you get so excited when you see a dog/you said da/you like to come in the bed with mommy and daddy in the morning/you laugh a lot/you wave to everyone/you are not scared to go to people you dont know/u you love to be naked/daddy makes you laugh like crazy/you liked Santa Claus/you know how to pull the drain out of the tub when you are finished with your bath/you tried to paint with homemade finger paints/i love when you are sleeping in my arms/you are so inquisitve/you are like a wise old soul/you hair is two colors auburn and golden/you have such a little mouth/you still have clogged tear ducts/you like to dance/you try to play the drum/ you love music/when mommy wears her costume you are mesmorized/

We love you little Darwin Storm. You are my favorite little man, besides your daddy of course..

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