Monday, May 9, 2011

My first Mother's Day....

Woke up yesterday morning to pancake breakfast by my wonderful hubby. He then presented me with a "handmade"( it was store brought, but looked handmade) Mother's Day card. He said it reminded him of me, which I thought was a nice gesture and thought. He then gave me a gift from the baby his inked hand and foot print, which we never got around to doing when he was first born. I loved it though and it was a nice surprise.

      (love how the foot print came out perfect, but he looks like he has an extra finger with the handprint)
We then took a drive to our local nature preserve for a little walk around the boardwalk. Where we saw some alligators, ducks, birds and cute little bunnies


Then we spent a little time with some friends of ours and after that we headed off to dinner. Little D did great at dinner. He slept in the stroller pretty much the whole time and woke up right at the end for a  few cute pictures .

He was mesmorized by a ceiling fan. This was the best moment of the day for me, seeing his big, beautiful smiles. They can melt a mommies heart.

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