Tuesday, May 3, 2011

2 months old today

It's hard to believe that time goes by so quickly. Just 2 months ago you were safetly tucked away in the security of my womb and now you are here. I think you are finally starting to adjust to your life here on Earth and to being part of our family. I think you like it here ; most of the time.  Today I am celebrating your 2 month Birthday along with my 31st Birthday. How special is it that we get to spend a milstone together. This is my first Birthday as a mother. I will cherish these moments forever. You are such a special boy in our lives and you fit perfectly with us. We love you so much.


You have discovered your hands/you are still having a hard time with daytime naps/your eyes are still gray, but your hair has lightened up/you get happy after you go to the bathroom/you smile now/you love to kick your legs around a mile a minute/you sneeze a lot/you're a fast eater/you have chubby hands and feet/you're growing fast/you love to listen to the book 'The Day You Were Born"/you like to ride in the elevator/you like to stare/you have a big cloth diaper butt/you like sharing the bed with your mommy in the morning/you like walking to the library with mommy/you like to listen to daddy play the guitar/you love when mommy and daddy sing and dance with you/you get mad when you are on your tummy too long/you are a great nighttime sleeper/you love hearing your grandparents voices on skype/you usually only cry when you are hungry/daddy still can't believe that your "his son"/you make mommy worry a lot already/daddy is so patient and gentle with you/you love eskimo kisses/you like when mommy blows in your face/you love to sleep in your stroller, bouncy seat and in the moby wrap/you like watching your daddy build guitars/we feel like you have always been here/you have a cute little chin/you like to work out with mommy/you are starting to coo/you still like to be swaddled/you like hats(for now)/you get frustrated when eating/you are strong/you like to scoot yourself around on playmat/you are like a wise old man/you have veins that pop out on the side of your head/you have a double chin/you still grunt in your sleep/you love kisses.

You are changing more and more every day. I love you my little bear.

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