Tuesday, May 31, 2011

3 Months Old Today

The months are flying by. You are no longer a newborn. You are now an infant. A very calm, cool, quiet infant. You don't even know how special and loved you are. You are the best thing that has happened in my life, besides meeting your father.

You are getting very tall 23.75 inches/you are skinny/you still love to smile at the ceiling fan/you are also smiling a lot at your mommy and daddy/you have a hard time eating in public/you love kicking your legs a mile a minute/you enjoy daddys daily guitar lesson/we like to call you Storm/you can roll from your belly to your back/youre super cuddly and lovey/youre super observant/you are happy most of the time/you now recognize mommy and daddy/you look so cute in your cloth diapers/you are so good when we go out to eat/you cover your eyes with your hands when you are trying to go to sleep/you also enjoy eating your hands/you still love bathtime/but you hate tummy time/you like taking afternoon nap in mommys bed/you can hold your head up really well/you like to hold on to mommy and daddys arm/you look me in the eye when you are eating/you copy my facial expressions/you love to grab and hold onto my finger/you like to stare up at the trees/you like to sleep in the car/you make mommy and daddy happy/you love to sit in your bounce seat/you like when mommy plays peek a boo with you/you are super sweet.

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