Monday, May 16, 2011

His and Hers Work Space

I used to work in my spare bedroom, but now that room is being occupied by my son. My husband helped me move my sewing work space to the enclosed patio. It is a great little space, but the only problem is it is also my husbands work space. He builds cigar box guitars. Sewing and building guitars dont really mesh well ,but is all the space we have. There are many purposes for the patio guitar building, sewing, bike storage and laundry drying area, but we make it work, because right now we have no choice.  This is the state of our work room.

(My fabric stash. Tried to color coordinate)

(Workin on something for the babe. Will show this again later in the week)

(My collection of thread)

(Vintage sheet collection)

(My vintage dress form. Her name is Betty and my craft book collection)

(Pile of scraps I am working on cutting up)

(Pile of work to do for the shop)

(Cloth diapers drying)

(and finally my husbands side of the room)
The only great thing is that when we do work we are working side by side. It's nice to have that time together doing the things we love to do. We there you have it. This is where we work and create. One of my favorite spaces in the house.

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