Monday, October 24, 2011

Make it Monday...Fairy house

This weekend little man and I went to our local Waldorf school where they were having an event called " A Day of Enchantment". The kids all came in woodland themed costumes and built houses for the fairies. D was probanly the youngest one there helping mama build a fairy house. He wore his gnome costume and fit in perfectly. I even bought him the cutest knit kitten and a box of stockmar crayons for when he is a little older. Over all it was a fun day and we got to check out the beautiful and serene Waldorf classrooms.

Inspecting his materials

Mischievious little grin

Our finished fairy house. I am not too great of a fairy house builder but tried. We used a hollowed out gourd, some bamboo pieces, rocks, shells and pinecones as little trees.

Awesome idea. Hollowed out pumpkin for fairy or gnome house.

Want to make some of these for D

Sweet little kitchen area

More log blocks and rocks in baskets.

Shelf with wool knit animals, wooden toys and people.

Beautiful wool felt mermaid mural.

If you are interested in building your own fairy houses there are some great resourses out there. A very helpful book is called. Fairy Houses Tracy Kane and Barry Kane


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