Monday, October 10, 2011

7 Months Old Today..............

 Supposed to post this on Saturday the 8th......

7 Months is here. There has been a lot of change the last month in you. You are getting so strong and determined. I really think you want to walk, but you really should crawl before you do. You are so smart and funny. You laugh at all of mommy and daddys jokes, not all but some. You are the best!

You have almost 6 teeth/you can sit up for awhile by yourself/you went to a corn maze/you went apple picking/you went on an airplane/you sat on a dirt bike/you spent a lot of time with your family/you got baptisted/you meet a lot of family for the first time/you love animals, especially dogs/you saw a cow and sheep for the first time/you carved a pumpkin with grandpa/you did a lot of shopping/you loved spending quality time with your grandparents/you fell asleep in your great grandma's arms/you think you uncle is funny/you went on a hayride/you still wont sleep through the night/you are a picky eater right now/you love pumpkin and pears/you want to feed yourself with the spoon/you like to drink water from my cup and do a pretty good job/you like to reach and grab at everything/you enjoy playing with your treasure box/you like chewing on the wooden spoon/you like hanging out with your aunt/you liked when mommy plays the flute for you/you just like music/you like riding in the ring sling now/you still love wearing hats/you are still skinny and tall/mommy worries that your not eating enough/you are daddys little buddy/you love to pull on daddys hair/you slept with mommy and daddy in NY/you always want to be close to us/you like to rub my arm and lock your hand in my hand/you are super sweet/ you are also very determined and persistant, if you want something you are going to get it/you love nature and spending time outdoors/you are still obsessed with trees and your shadow.

My how we love you.. You are really becoming your own little person and it is fun to watch. Cant wait to see what the next few months will bring. There will be a lot more changes:hopefully crawling soon, more babbling, being able to eat more foods. I am so excited. I love having you in my life. You bring me joy everyday. I love you.

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