Monday, August 8, 2011

You're 5 months today and Make it Monday...

   Everyday you are growing and discovering new things. You are learning all about your new world and taking it in slowly a bit at a time. You are an observer to say the least. One day you are going to burst out of that little shell full of knowledge. Who will you become little one..... I am starting to see the beginning of a little person emerging and I like who I see.

You are 26 in tall/ you weigh 13lb 10oz/your hair is getting red highlights/you have eyes just like your daddy for now/you met your uncle for the first time time last month/you dont like to sleep at night/you still like to sleep in mommy and daddy's room/everytime i put you on your belly you roll right to your back/you're still a very fast eater/ you still have clogged tear ducts/you know enjoy playing with your toys, especially the ones that make noise/you try to strum daddys guitars/you like listening to the wind chimes on the patio/you like going to joann fabrics(thank goodness),you like to face out in the moby wrap to see what's going on/ you still fall asleep in the moby wrap close to mommys heart/you went swimming in the pool for the first time and loved it/ you had your first somewhat sleep over at uncle joes house only until midnite/you sit soo quietly while we eat dinner/ you are always smiling and happy/people always stop me to say how beautiful and smart you look/you like to suck your thumb/you love when daddy does impersonations for you/ you like bathtime with daddy/you like to drink water from mommy's cup and you do a rather good job with it/ you look so cute in seersucker pants and a polo/ you keep your hats on/ you like to watch mommy sew/you are mesmorized by mommy when she puts on her belly dance costumes/you sometimes get impatient and want to be held a lot/ you like to hear grandma and grandpa's voice on the phone/you are going to go on the airplane for the first time next month/you are now a little ticklish on your sides/we love your belly laughs/ you love to stare at things for a long time/ you only like to be in the ergo carrier for short bits at a time/ you melt mommy and daddy's heart everyday. even when you have us up at 3 am screaming.

We will always love you and be there for you and support you in whatever you choose to do with life. You make me so proud to call you my son. We love you soooo much. Happy 5 month birthday.

Make it Monday.

Just wanted to include make it monday in this post seeing that little D is wearing his big butt pants by The pattern can be purchased on her website. These pants are super easy to sew up after you make them one time. This first time can be tricky but gets easy. They are so cute and perfect for that cloth diapered bum. Great job Rae.

(love the pose he gave me)

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  1. Kristy,
    he is so precious! and the wy you write you are so eloquent and proud!!1 Its wonderful!!
    Don't even get me started on his seersucker's!!!
    EVERY word you write is SO bloody true, at least from what we see! He DOES always let you enjoy your dinner and is relatively low maintenance, and 100% takes in ALL that is around him!!!