Thursday, August 11, 2011

Weekly Rhythm

I thought I would join along with sharing my weekly rhythm with you all. This is inpsired by many other great blogs I have been reading lately and

As of right now my little one is only 5 months so of course this will grow and evolve and change many times, but for right now this is what I am trying to implement in my home. I am not only doing this for his benefit, but also for mine. It seems that the weeks run smoother when we stick to this plan.

Monday-Quiet day at home after a busy weekend. We will usually take a morning walk after first nap and an evening walk as a family right after dinner. Eventually I hope to add in bake bread day.

Tuesday-The day we spend outside of the home doing errands, going to the park, meeting up with friends. Quiet evening walk. Sewing night for me.

Wednesday-  Quiet day at home. We may walk over to our local library to pick up some books. Little guy's laundry day. This is the night my husband gets to work on his stuff.

Thursday- Quiet day at home. Little one morning walk with me. This is the night I work, so my husband spends quality time with the little one. He takes him on an evening walk.

Friday- This is the day we clean the house and do family laundry. Evening walk as a family. This is my night to spend with my husband, to watch a movie.

Saturday- Grocery shopping all together. Evening walk. Night together as a family.

Sunday- Family day. I am striving here for no internet and no tv, but not having much luck. This is when we typically visit family, or go to the park, or the beach. This is the day to just spend together.

Well there you have it. What my weekly rhythm looks like right now.

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  1. your beautiful little one grows, so will your rhythm which you share together:) It all sounds lovely to me, friend:) enjoy your days together; they pass so quickly:) Bah, everyone seems to say this, but it is true. each moment with an infant is a precious one....we do so much to foster their growth, but in the end, they are unique spirits with their own destinies; something we have no control over...
    hugs to you:) xoxo