Thursday, July 14, 2011

Missing the Summer

Florida in the summer is our indoor season. It can get kind of depressing. I remember the days of summer, when I lived in New York and how I longed for the heat , not dreaded it. All year long spent in school I yearned for long summer nights spent catching fireflies, going to bed late, trying to keep cool with a fan or window A/C, not a central unit with its artificial air.  I have been reading so many blogs lately with some beautiful pictures of New England summer, which make me happy and sad at the same time. I cant wait until the day we go back up North, so that I can give my son the fond memories of summer like the ones I had.

Just a list of summer memories that I enjoyed........

Picking fresh blueberries at the top of the mountain
Swimming in a freezing cold lake
Catching fireflies
Watching shooting stars
Sleeping in a tent in the backyard
Staying up way past my bedtime
Moms macaroni salad
Peaches, plums and strawberries
Making lemonade
Summer crafting
Going to the library
Having water balloon fights
Going hiking
Camping and making smores
Running through the sprinkler
Eating lots and lots of popscicles
Planting flowers
Picking wildflowers
Visiting family
Staying with my grandparents

just thought this would help me to remember some of my fondest childhood memories. i really miss summer and since having a child i have been feeling more meloncholy and yearning for those days again/

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