Friday, July 8, 2011

4 Months Today

Another month has passed and you have turned 4 months. I feel like you are finally coming into yourself now. It's as if someone has turned on the lights and awoken you. You are such a special little boy and I dont just say that because I am your mother. You are super calm and observant. You enjoy being around people and love to laugh and giggle. I am looking forward to seeing who you will
become. I love you.

you rolled from your back to your belly/you like to sleep on your side with your blankie in your hands/you like eating mommy and daddy's fingers/you can hold your toys now/you smile and laugh a lot/you don't sleep good at night, but are a great napper/you moved into your crib and mommy misses you being close already/you try to lift your head by yourself/you are a fast eater/you make mommy smile/you are very talkative/you still love music/you love when we sing to you/you started taking baths in the big bathtub/you still startle easily/you are grunting a lot again/you have a sensitive stomach/everyone tells me your gorgeous/your hair is falling out a little/we are finally going to get the ergo carrier to put you in/you love joann fabrics/actually you love to look around at everyone/you rode in a golf cart for the first time/you like to be outside/you like watching the baby ducks and going out to feed them/you like to look up at the big trees in the backyard/you still take cat naps in the bouncy seat/you melt mommy's heart/you are almost 26 inches tall.

Mommy and Daddy are so in love with you. You are such a special person. Cant wait to continue to watch you grow.

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  1. such a beautiful and growing babe!
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