Friday, March 9, 2012

1 year old yesterday.

You finally made it. You are at the one year mark. It's so hard for me to believe that a year can fly by so fast. I am sure for you it seemed like it took forever, but for me I closed my eyes and when I woke up you were one. What an awesome first year we had together. I am so lucky that I get to stay home with you and spend some quality time with you. You had so many adventures this year from going to NY on the airplane, learning to crawl and walk, meeting all of your family, eating food, and many more.
Your mommy is so proud of you and so proud of herself. I breastfeed you for 8.5 months. I would have like to have gone longer, but  you were just kinda over it. You have been wearing cloth diapers since you were 8 weeks old, despite everyone telling me I would give up. We have stuck with minimal toys and have almost avoided all plastic toys. I have worn you close to me until you wanted to go out on your own and you slept in our room until we felt you were ready to go off on your own (eventhough I secretly miss having you close to me). You are loving, energetic, funny, independent, rambuncious, sometimes a little leary of things, but over all you have been an amazing baby. I am now looking foward to seeing you blossom even more in the next year. Cant wait till you can say love you mama.

you are strong-willed/ you are determined/ you learned how to walk/you love to take morning walks with your mommy/you still think daddy is the funniest thing/ you love hanging out with your uncle jo jo/ you like seeing grandm, grandpa and aunt kasey on skype/ your great-grandpa came to visit and you had a lot of fun with him/ you like the riding toy your grandpa made you for your birthday/ you have a lot of energy/ somedays you want to be held a lot/ you like to try to feed yourself with the spoon/ you are still a picky eater/ you can make a monkey and lion sound/you still only say mama/ you dont like to take bath/ you dont like to sit in your high chair/ you dont really like to sit still at all.

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