Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Post love day

Here are some photos from the day yesterday. Little man and I spent a nice morning together. For breakfast I made heart shaped pancakes with raspberry jam and strawberries on the side (which someone didnt want to eat, because he is a picky eater), then we did a few errands together and finally met Daddy at the park for lunch. Little man had such a fun time seeing all the ducks and birds.

(not so sure whether he likes strawberries or not)

(our friend snow white at the pond)

(Valentine's gift from mommy. Shape puzzle from manzanita toys on etsy)

(Tattoo mom shirt I made for little man)

(Trying to play Daddy's guitar)

The afternoon was a little rough though. A certain little person would not take a second nap and was easily frustrated. When he gets frustrated he tends to bite a lot. We are working on this problem, but it has not been easy. I am trying to remain calm and use positive guidance, but it does test my patience. I know he is biting because of his lack of communication. He is almost a year old and at this stage in development there are a lot of new things going on, learning to stand, walk, talk. I just need to remember all this and to try to be calm with him. I will just have to keep showing him that it hurts me when he bites and hope that he will outgrow it.

I spent the evening with my hubby. We had a nice dinner together and then watched a movie. Just a nice, quiet lowkey Valentine's Day.

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