Wednesday, February 8, 2012

11 months old today

We have only one more month to go till the big first birthday. It is absolutely unbelievable. I am so excited for you and also very sad at the same time. You are become a such a big boy. Every day you are doing something new and exciting. We love you so much. You mean the world to us.

You are still a picky eater/ you haven't tried meat yet/you still like to eat yogurt/you are still tall and skinny/you dont like to wear hats anymore, but mommy tries anyway/you sleep through the night now (thank goodness for that)/ you are super attached to your baby doll/ you think everything is a drum/ you like to dance to mommy's belly dance music/ you never stop/ you have so much energy/ you stood by yourself/ you went to storytime for the first time/ your learning how to stack the rings on the ring stacker/ you love to moo like a cow/ we took you to the fair for the first time/ you are very focused when you want to be/ you are determined/ you are strong-willed/ you are very happy most of the time/ you like to be outside/ you take morning walks with your mommy/ you're funny/

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