Monday, January 9, 2012

10 months old yesterday......

Well you turned 10 months old yesterday. You spent it with your first cold and fever. I feel so bad that you are not feeling well and don't know what to do to relieve your discomfort. I have held you, rocked you, kissed you in hopes to bring you some peace. I hope that you get feeling better soon.

you have gained even more dependence/ you know how to play the drum/ you still are not a good eater/ you are still tall and thin/ you love to watch mommy and daddy working/ you love to look at books/ you can moo like a cow/ you love to play with your walker wagon that daddy built you/ you like the wooden blocks that mommy made you/ you are doing well walking while pushing the wagon/ you learned how to flush the toilet ah oh/ you like to sit up in the bathtub and splash around/ you had your first cold/ you still do not like to sit still or be held for too long/ you are so smiley/ you still take 2 naps/ you love hummus and bread/you love love love yogurt/you are trying to put the rings back on the ring stacker/ you like to play peek a boo with mommy/ you get so excited when mommy puts on her belly dance music/ you like to dance / you like to go outside to feed the ducks/

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