Tuesday, November 8, 2011

8 Months Today.....

You are  getting there. In 4 months you will be a year and I don't know where the time has gone. You are my favorite little man. I love you so much and would do anything for you. The last month has been a time of many discoveries and new learning experiences and I have enjoyed watching you learn something new everyday.

you sit so well by yourself/ you can stand holding on to furniture/ you can army crawl, but only when you want to / you have 7 teeth/ you still have not slept through the night/ you like sleeping on your mattress on the floor/ you love to bang on pots and pans/ you try to chew on wires (not safe, time to get baby proofing)/ you love splashing in the bathtub/ you are super observant of all the sounds around you/ you have been eating lots of solid food now/you tried blueberries,mango,pumpkin,plums,and much more/ you are still a skinny stringbean/ you make the cutiest sounds/ i think you have said ma/ you were an owl for halloween/ mommy took you trick or treating/ mommy ate all the candy of course/ you are always so happy and quiet/ love to chew on things even on mommy and daddy/ you like to give mommy bear hugs/ you like to pull daddys hair/ your hair is getting lighter/ yourr eyes are just like your dads/ u  try to feed yourself with the spoon/ you like making a mess like your mom/ you like to rip paper/ you laugh at all of daddys jokes/ you want mommy to carry you all the time/ you make me laugh daily/ you like to go out for walks/ you love the swings at the park/  you stil love your hats

You are such a big boy now. Can hardly remember when you were a newborn. I look forward to all the new things that we will learn and discover in the next few months.

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